Here my website where you can find my homemade and profesional works,

Here my website where you can find my homemade and profesional works,



To start the Blog, I consider it very important to talk about El Deseo.

What is desire? What is desire for me?
Why is desire still related to sin? Where is the word Sin born?
With what does desire originally connect us? With what does it connect me?
Are we aware of our desire? Do we repress it?

Is it associated with something positive or negative in my mind? Do I allow myself the luxury of enjoying it daily?
These are some questions that come to mind when I think of Desire...
And I have a very personal theory about desire.
I associate the energy of desire with that moment of excitement when we were children and we were about to start playing...
It is that mixture of nerves, ecstasy, emotion, curiosity, internal excitement, vibrant energy, desire to act.

But...what happens to that feeling as we become adults and grow?

It is in this transition that the desire to enjoy, to enjoy, to have fun goes from being something healthy and habitual to a taboo, something sinful or something that we rarely know how to handle.
How many of us have not used substances such as alcohol or other excitants so that ¨atervernos ¨a go into action or flirt or simply dance.
There is a strong and clear REPRESSION of desire in Society and little communication and sexual education.
There's an intrinsic fear of empowering ourselves with our desires, of talking about it.
In My theory, sex occupies the space of the game, I call it the adult game.
It is usually in this space that we let ourselves be more creative and authentic, we show ourselves more vulnerable and savage.
But there are also many who get lost along the way and completely forget to leave space in their lives for play, for the imaginary, for freedom.
If you haven't been educated to train your creativity, your right side of the brain, you're probably a more disconnected person from your own desire.

And what does all this have to do with the importance of making the Desire itself conscious?
Well, this is where I, as a sex worker, company and movie actress for adults, feel free to talk about it.
It's a personal theory and very subject to different opinions, but I'd like to be honest and open with you.
I find a tremendous lack of affection in society, an immense need for Affection.
A brutal disconnection with one's own personal desire.
And there are many of us who lack a father, or a mother or perhaps even grandparents.
And all this added to the lack of practice to play and touch and remain human, makes me value my profession until today as something very dignified and necessary for the patriarchal society in which we live.
Yes, you will be thinking that there are many who come to use our services as something fleeting and without any respect for the person who gives them.
But it is in the power of choice of the professional that it is to accept or not according to what type of people or clients.

I like to be valued as a person.
Let's say that I consider myself a human and formed woman, I am more than an escort.
That's why I always demand respect from my clients before making an appointment.
But it is a way of doing and being And they are all very respectable, there are as many types of clients as there are of sex professionals, as long as they are the ones who direct their way of offering it, and I have nothing to object to.
But returning to the subject of lack and desire...
These are transient moments of love and affection that can greatly open the spirit or soul of the person who comes to receive the service.
Many clients come to us not only to unload their seminal liquid, but to have a good time, to be listened to without prejudices, to be caressed or simply to come because they feel lonely and have a life so centered in their profession and so little practice in the areas of leisure and play that they know that paying ends sooner. That if, I dare say that we are a patch for broken hearts, a flash of what it was to feel loved. But we will never fill the void that the person is not able to fill by himself.

I hope you are not laughing at me. There are many ways to live the desire and although sex is the most basic way to express love, there are still many who confuse Desire with Love and that is why so many couples are jealous and even come to the violation of rights over the other. But we will touch that in another post.

I invite you to do a journaling. This is something that I have been practicing every day for more than 8 years to attract awareness to my life. journaling is what we commonly call in Spain, to write a diary.

Write and respond:

What is desire to me?

What do I want today?

Am I ashamed of my desires?

How much space do I give my inner child to play, to have a good time?

Do I feel free to achieve my desires?

With what does desire originally connect me?

Do I usually repress my sexual impulses?

Is it associated with something positive or negative in my mind?

Do I allow myself the luxury of enjoying it daily?

And this you attract reflection to your life on the desire in general. Because sexual desire has a lot of connection with the desire itself and its handling and the attention you give it.
To conclude I would like to make a brief reflection on Desire and its association with
Sin is a term associated with the Catholic Church. Eve, the forbidden fruit and all that story I won't comment on because I take it for granted that you all know it.

Well, when the woman sins by eating the apple of the forbidden fruit.

She gets pregnant and all that association of sex with the apple and the devil...
Maybe you think it's stupid, but it's not.
Even today in the 21st century, the collective subconscious continues to punish those who do not follow the dogmatic norms of Christianity in many areas of Europe.
And in that remains the condemnation of desire.
The desire to eat the apple and not be able to contain it. The forbidden fruit contaminates our bodies and we are stained *socially *when we do not respond to them faithfully.

But ladies and gentlemen, let's be a little more coherent and sincere with ourselves and let's stop this stupid bullshit.

Human beings are human and desire is intrinsic to them by nature.
Therefore, it is insane to punish oneself for the simple fact of wanting something or someone.

We should talk more about desire, about our desires, openly.
And thus we would create more honest and free bonds.
We would stop hitting each other and fighting over the fact of wanting someone more than our partner and we would enrich much more our lives with experiences and people.

But we'll talk about this in a longer post.

Thank you for reading me, if you have come this far is that my words have seduced you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I hope that something of what I have spoken here has resonated with you.
Do not forget to leave comments, publish and share and all those little things of the virtual world.


Betty Foxxx


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